About Us

The AYTSNetworks is a Not-for-profit organization.

Each summit year, we take the summit to an African Nation, get youths and stakeholders engaged in building a better Africa.

The maiden edition of the annual summit was held in Tamale Ghana on July 20th, 2017. The second edition was held in Nairobi Kenya on July 20th, 2018. The 3rd edition is holding in Lagos Nigeria on August 24th, 2019.

Vision Raising world-class youth leaders across Africa.


-To hold an annual pan Africa Summit in major cities across Africa

-To sustain the impact of the annual summit through AYTS Network to be activated in 52 Africa countries.

Aims and objectives

 The aims and objectives of the Organization are as follows:

-Establishing platforms for networking and sharing ideas on how to develop and support youth across Africa.

Collaborating in developing further ideas and sharing experience.

-To ensure youth leaders have the skills to set up and run sustainable business and projects. Through these projects, we will: Assist in building the capacity of local young people through innovative and effective youth development campaigns

-Provide a learning environment for skill development using external and domestic experts.

Strengthening a youth network of young people interested in the development of Africa

Sustainability and Mentorship Platforms

Our most memorable moments happen outside the summit at AYTSNetworks.

We’ve successfully activated AYTSNetwork Ghana, AYTSNetwork Kenya, and AYTSNetwork Nigeria to sustain the impact of the annual summit.

We do this through Information sharing, Idea development, and Community Impact.

Membership AYTSNetwork members are open to youth between the age of 18 to 35. AYTSNetworks Members are  Africa’s #ChangeAgents


We are accomplish our mission through partnerships with various African Governments, NGO’s, Philanthropists, Seed funding, Start-up Hubs and Incubators, Venture Capitalists, Experts, Educational Institutions, Youth agencies across Africa, and Individuals interested in youth development and a better Africa.