The 4 Major Kinds of Youth

I’ve spent a decade working closely with young people in media and entertainment, in business and education. In my decade long expedition, I’ve discovered four major kinds of youth-The Watchers, The Waiters, The What ifs, and The Players. To help us understand each kind, I’ve categorized them in what I call The Youth Quadrant.  

Each quadrant explains the character traits of youth in the quadrants. In the coming weeks, you will discover the quadrant you currently belong to as we explain each quadrant. At the end of unveiling each quadrant, I will show you how to navigate from your current quadrant to the preferred Quadrant you will discover if you stay committed to reading my articles on the 4 Major Kinds of Youth series. Let’s begin with Quadrant I and their character traits.

Quadrant I-The Watchers

In the field of success, the watchers’ kinds of youths are those who watch the players in admiration. The truth is that most youths are involved in this quadrant in one way or the other especially youth who are passionate about entertainment.  However, only a few youth have left this quadrant to the preferred quadrant while most youths remain in this quadrant.   

John is a Quadrant I Youth

We all know a guy like John. John is a die-hard fan of one of the major football clubs in Europe. He is also interested in Wresting and spends most of his time watching football matches and wresting. He knows each player in the entire club history as well as each wrestler.

Due to his vast knowledge in his team and sports generally, he bets his money on various matches. When he is not watching matches or fights, he’s busy talking about the players and how much they are worth. Sometimes he gets into a heated argument with other youth trying to defend his club or information.

Imagine John developing and exploring his sport analyzing skill, he could become a great sports analyst with Super sports.  Stick to the series and I will show you the preferred Quadrant for every youth and how to become the youth in the preferred Quadrant.

  • Character traits of The Watchers Kind of Youth
  1. They are consumers: Look at any event in entertainment and sport and you’d realise that the Watchers are a major consumer; in music and comedy shows, in movies and cinemas, in football and other sports, and generally in other sectors.
  • They spend their day talking about successful people:  They talk about successful people’s cash, their automobiles, and their entire lifestyle.
  • They bet their little money: Most times they lose their money while betting for their industry knowledge, their favourite players, and clubs. 
  • They spend time watching TV: If they are not watching the big screen, they are watching video content on their phones and tabs. They enjoy watching their favourite team and idols make fame but they fail to discover or develop their gifts and talents.
  • They don’t discover their gifts and talents: They have great gifts and talents. While they talk about their teams or clubs, I see an outstanding analyst, presenters, content creators, and a host of other amazing gifts and talent that can make them successful as well if they will be ready to take the same risk and challenges the people they celebrate took.

Are you a Quadrant I kind of youth? Don’t worry I will show you the essential skills you need to become the preferred quadrant and start living the successful life you’ve always talked about. 

Final Thought

You can be like John but don’t remain in Quadrant I. The major difference between John and successful people is that they took the time to discover their unique abilities; they developed their talents amidst challenges and took time to deploy them without giving up even when they were turned down several times.  Join me next week as we share the Quadrant II kind of youthThe Fighters

Onwuka M. Onyeka is a proud Hubby&Daddy, Brand Strategist, Co-founder at AYTSNetwork  , Co-convener of Africa Youth and Talent Summit , and Africa’s #1 Youth Development Professional. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.