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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN -3 Must Do For Every Youth

Everywhere you turn to around the world today; it’s all about COVID-19. TV Channels and media houses are all sharing breaking news on the pandemic and where it is leading.

The big issue is not about COVID19, it’s how your life pans out after the pandemic. Think for a moment, what’s your life’s plan when COVID-19 drama is all over? 

Below are 3 must-do for every youth who wants to experience the life they’ve always wanted when this is all over. 

#1. Stay connected to your family and the people you care about

The stay home has provided Oluchi and I some great moment to look at our family in ways we haven’t done in the last five years of our marital life. 

Social distancing is not an excuse to stay disconnected from your family. it is an opportunity to fix broken relationships and stay closer to the people you care about.

How do you make your family happier and safe at this moment and beyond? Below are some to-dos to help you look deeper at staying connected to your family and the people you care about.


  • Schedule your family day. The lockdown should not be a season of staying glued to watching the news and movies. Schedule how the entire day should be spent.
  • Sensitize family members on how to stay safe. How to maintain social distancing in the community, why they need to wash their hands and so on.
  • Develop fun and learning activities. It shouldn’t be a boring house. Make it a funhouse filled with talent and learning activity and you could discover some unique abilities of your kids or siblings.
  • Spend time praying together and studying God’s word. More than ever before, the world needs your prayers. Inspire your family to pray more in these trying times.

#2. Take Time to confer with yourself

COVID19 stay at home has provided us what I call Solitude time-a time to be alone. One research shows that decisions and observations made alone in managed solitude have an uncanny way of being one hundred percent right.

Study the lives of highly successful people and you will discover each of them spent a considerable period alone. The lockdown and stay at home is a great period for you to take time to confer on yourself and use your thinking power.


  • Fix a solitude time in your family schedule we talked about in #1. The lockdown is an opportunity to stay away from the distractions of life.
  • Use solitude time to plan. Put the pieces of a problem you’ve always wanted to solve and work out a solution. Surf for all unfinished projects you’ve probably abandoned as a result of work or family life. It’s time to finish that book you were writing, the wardrobe you’ve always wanted to be cleaned, the grass in the backyard you want to clear, your school project and your back to school plans. The stay at home is an opportunity to complete that project.
  • Use solitude time to read a book. I’m currently using the stay at home to read my third book of the year. Find and read at least one chapter of a book daily to inspire and transform your life and get you super ready for the challenges and opportunities #AfterCOVID19.

#3. Be involved in the development of your Community 

Social distancing is not an excuse from being involved in playing a role in your community development. It is a rare opportunity to help improve your leadership skills while contributing your quota to ensuring your community is safe and healthy.

Some outstanding young people across Africa are currently contributing to solving the pandemic in their community and I challenge you to do the same while you also ensure you are safe.


  • Share information on how to stay safe with members of your community. You don’t need to be outside to do this. You can do through social media by targeting your community
  • Don’t be the carrier of bad news and encourage other youths to allow an only certified professional to make a major announcement. Too many young people are circulating fake news about COVID19 and causing fear in the already heated atmosphere.
  • Champion a community project such as providing sanitizers or face mask to members of your community.
  • Plan to be involved in a long term project for your community #AFTERCOVID19

Final Thought

History proves to us that COVID-19 will come and go like other viruses in the past-In 1720, it was all about the plague, in 1820, Cholera broke out, in 1920, the Spanish Flu hit the world. In all of these, the world has survived. You should stay safe to enjoy the wonderful opportunities life presents #AFTERCOVID19

Onwuka M. Onyeka is a proud Hubby&Daddy, Brand Strategist, Co-founder at AYTSNetwork  , Co-convener of Africa Youth and Talent Summit , and Africa’s #1 Youth Development Professional. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.