AYTSNetwork Monthly Masterclasses Kicks off

As part of our effort to sustain the impact of the annual summit held in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria in 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively, we designed the monthly masterclasses and quarterly community projects to address sustainable personal leadership, career, and community development.

The AYTSNetwork monthly masterclasses hold in 7 cities in 3 African country-Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

On Saturday 12th October 2019, the monthly masterclasses kicked off in Lagos, Nigeria. The October masterclasses will expose AYTSNetwork members to Business Development and Strategic Partnership.

At the Lagos edition, Dr. Abayomi Olugbenga Ojekunle facilitated the Business development course BD219. During his session, members were broken into 3 categories-Business Owners, Business Dreamers, and Business Starters for maximum impact.

Similarly, AYTSNetwork co-founder and Executive Chair, Mr. Onwuka Onyeka, facilitated the strategic partnership course SP219.

He shared 5 types of Strategic Partnership Agreement he has experienced engaging with corporate organizations.

The October Masterclasses will also hold in Abuja, Accra, Delta, Nairobi, Tamale, and Wa

Dr. Abayomi Olugbenga Ojekunle presents a book The Rules of Entrepreneurship to AYTSNetwork member for being the first attendee.

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