You are responsible for your life. Your life right now is a reflection of the decisions you made and the responsibilities you took.

Before you begin to wish for success, ensure you are taking the corresponding action and also preparing to take the responsibility that success brings?

”Don’t wish for success if you are not ready for the responsibilities that comes with success”.

Let this sink: Success does not happen by mistake. You’ve got to take responsibility for your life.

Below are a few Responsibility Tips:

1. Stop blaming people for your failure. You are the architect of your life.

2. Think positive thoughts always. You become what you think

3. Be proactive when faced with challenges. Avoid reactive people and befriend proactive people.

4. Set goals and take practical steps towards achieving them.

5. Learn to manage rejection, fear, and failure.

~List others

Final Thought: One of the differences between successful and not successive people is that they take responsibility for their lives.

Onwuka M. Onyeka is Africa’s #1 Youth and Talent Development Professional. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria

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